Artificial Intelligence Capture 

Artificial Intelligence Capture 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a giant supercomputer that is going to take control of everything and enslave people as portrayed in the movies! It is actually here now and used in some way by most people during their daily lives. From your phone unlocking by using Facial recognition, Alexa or Siri answering your commands and questions to website Bot chats you use for customer service issues or online shopping.  

These are all based around AI technology where it captures the incoming data and applies some very cleaver algorithms to it and outputs what you are looking for. 

The idea is that Artificial Intelligence automates manual tasks to lighten and easy your tasks. 

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Capture 

In a business organisation how can Artificial Intelligence automation be of benefit? Well, it can 

  • Increase your Efficiency 
  • AI Automation allows a business to considerably reduce the time of manually processing. To find a specific and located a specific document to manually check the details on it and manually enter it into your ERP system could take 5 minutes or more.  

With AI Capture this could be reduced to 30 seconds per document, meaning 10 times more documents can be processed concurrently, leaving more time for other tasks. 

  • Reduce errors and improve data accuracy 
  • Using AI Capture with Automation will lead to more accurate and faster results compared to manual process. The AI is constantly learning and gathering information can teach and self-correct, it learns to become more efficient and reduces common human errors. 

As a result, users can get critical business documents like invoices, credits and orders through their business with higher precision and on time. When it comes to invoice automation, the more invoices processed, the more accurate the technology becomes.  

  • Optimise your daily processes – agility 
  • With AI Capture it is possible to do identical tasks, but in less time and with reduced errors. This means less double-checking, repeated tasks or having oversight procedures leading to higher efficiency and productivity. 

It eliminates the hundreds of keystrokes and other manual actions required from data processors would have to do to complete tasks. Business processes will be streamlined, resulting in less tedious and repetitive manual work. 

  • Reduce your operational costs 
  • With increases in system productivity and a reduction of errors utilising AI Capture and Automation will result in significant reductions in costs. 

Have a look at the below infographic to show the potential savings around employees time and  

Document Classification

AI software can assess, analyse and sort scanned or imported batches of documents without the need for any manual preparation or intervention. Based on the Classification of the document it can be automatically routed to the next point in its process i.e., Invoices moved to Accounts Payable approval and payment workflow 

Data Extraction

After Documents are classified Artificial Intelligence can extract and capture specific data points and elements within the documents. Documents don’t have to be formatted in a certain way they can also be freeform unstructured.  

AI software is smart enough to learn from these documents to improve itself so the more data and documents you give it the quicker it analysis and extracts the data.  

Data Sorting, Verification & Cleanliness

Artificial Capture Software can also sort through any captured Data to find and remove any possible duplicates within the data or any other data that maybe held in another repository or Databases. It can verify the data against other sources which makes it easy to utilise or import this data as part of any business process.  

Example of this might be Delivery / GRN dockets, AI Capture can analyse line items on a delivery note and check against an existing database to see if items have already been booked in or if there is a shortfall in the quantity due based on the Purchase Order 

Exporting Data & Integration with other systems

Due to the AI capture the data can be easily and seamlessly integrated into 3rd Party Applications / Systems or routed to another business process workflow. Base on the example of Accounts Payable and Delivery GRN Dockets it can automatically approve payments on an ERP system or move to manager for approval. In the Delivery / GRN Docket scenario it can automatically book items into stock or notify appropriate staff of short fall based on what was originally ordered. 


While the giant AI supercomputer isn’t going to take over the world it is going to change business and it processes forever. Artificial Intelligent is the fastest growing sector in ICT and if you wish to learn more and find out how Cantec can help you and your organization can benefit from AI capture please contact us. 

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