Scanning tools

Document Scanning and Retrieval Software for business  By incorporating Document Scanning and Retrieval Software to your document management process you can share the relevant data easily and quickly across your team.  With very little modification to your existing systems, document scanning tools will enable you to move more of your physical documents and files offsite and access digital scans of those you …

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AI Capture

Artificial Intelligence Capture  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a giant supercomputer that is going to take control of everything and enslave people as portrayed in the movies! It is actually here now and used in some way by most people during their daily lives. From your phone unlocking by using Facial recognition, Alexa or Siri answering your commands and questions to website Bot chats you use …

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Power Automate

Microsoft’s Automated Management System  What is Power Automate? (Automated Management System) Microsoft’s Automated Management System ‘Power Automate’ (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) is part of the Microsoft Power Platform family of products. It is a cloud-based automated management system that allows users to automate repetitive business processes like posting to Social Media, marketing automation, data management or decision making. If you have an Office 365 subscription you already have a standard free license which will give …

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