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Document Security & Your Management System

Any business’s success relies heavily on information. It’s even more important to keep the information secure. Aside from GDPR and legal issues, respect for your employees, clients, and suppliers, as well as your company, necessitates data storage that is safe and secure. That is where document security comes in.

You might say, “That’s easy!” Changes in how we use, send, store, and retrieve data, on the other hand, have revealed entirely new methods of mis-using information.

How can you keep your Information secure?

The short answer is that you can keep your information safe through document security. Digitizing your data and putting in place a document management system offers several advantages.

Document Security

Save space

Reduce paper storage and eliminate unnecessary or repetitive printing.

Record loss prevention

Reduce the chance of records being lost, stolen, or misfiled.

Document Security

Improved retrieval speed

Find documents easily in the office or on the go.

Document Security

Easily searchable

Material that has been indexed is easier to find. Better for making more educated and timely decisions.


Work on documents with your team in real-time from any place.


Ensure that all content is current, correct, and new.


While paper files can be destroyed by fire, flood, or other natural disasters, digital files are more stable, allowing for greater business continuity.

Document Security


Confidential data, such as HR files, can be protected with additional layers of security.

This enhanced versatility in document processing requires a greater level of data protection and accountability. Document security issues are widespread and a top priority topic for business in today’s ever-changing world. User-friendly, visible work practices are needed, as well as data loss and manipulation resistance. Data security is vital, and every effort must be made to combat both internal and external threats.

Here are the Seven Important Steps to maintaining document security:

Document Security

Because digital information can travel around, keeping track of where it is and who can see it is critical. The first step of document security is an audit trail that includes a detailed report on each document, including who downloaded, stored, posted, copied, or removed it.

Document Security

Only licensed users have access to the information they need. To maintain correct access and ensure compliance, our program can be integrated with single sign on for Windows Active Directory, Windows Local Security, and LDAP/SAMBA.

Document version control is essential, particularly when sharing information among multiple people or teams to ensure document security. All previous versions of a document are saved and tracked by our program, so if a document is inadvertently or maliciously changed, the original is still available.

Encrypt all printouts with a password – Passcodes or card readers may be added to your computers. People can be required to prove their identity before printing documents. This cuts down on waste from jobs that are printed and then forgotten about, as well as data breaches from records that are printed accidentally.

Documents must be accessible outside of the workplace! Employees can continue to access business records and process workflows in full document security using our mobile app and web access. Secure data in transit – encrypt files to keep them protected while they move between devices. Critical documents may be protected by rules that prohibit them from being copied or printed.

To ensure authenticity, saved documents are signed with a digital signature that is checked each time the document is retrieved. This is a vital step for document security.

Documents can be backed up and stored in data centres using a cloud-based solution. Additional document security measures can be taken as appropriate, and data migration schedules can be chosen. It’s simple and fast to customize storage devices or storage and retention policies.

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