The Power of Integrated Office Technology

Without effective Integrated Office Technology, setting up and running a business is hard work; there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Integrated Office Technology is essential for administrative teams who perform the day to day running of the company. The typical tasks encountered include Finance, CRM Maintenance, Human Resources, Ticketing and many more.  Removing the manual areas of data capture and data entry can help save many office hours, but the correct distribution of that data across your business to the right people and place is where your company can really start to save time and expense. 

More and more, business leaders are adopting office Integration and automation to help with processes such as: 



Stock Control

Order Fulfilment

Many back-office systems can produce reports that are invaluable for monitoring business performance and predicting future trends. 

Front office systems are focused on customers and refer to activities such as:



Customer Service

Effective integration of back-office systems with e-commerce improves coordination with the front office resulting in better customer service and reduced duplication of effort by staff. 

Four reasons to integrate your back office technology and e-commerce systems: 

office technology

More Affordable Integration Options. Integration options for small businesses are affordable providing you with a significant Return on Investment.

office technology software

Less Administrative Work. Integration between your systems means less work. Once the relevant information is entered – it is sent to all relevant software packages.

integrated office

Lower Operational Costs. More efficient processes can help reduce overheads and the cost of sales.

office software

Improved Customer Service. Customer service is improved because integration reduces delays in providing information to the customer.

What is an Integrated Office Technology system?

Integration means connecting your online e-commerce system with your back-office accounts and database systems. This means that whenever a customer places an order online, your web store and back-office deal with the sale as one. 

The office technology system accepts the order and then relays all this information back to the customer, while the back office records the transaction, adjusts inventory levels, generates an invoice and fulfils the order. 

customer service technology

Customer Service

Customer Service is greatly improved.

improved response times

Response Times

Response Times are reduced.


office technology for improved performance

Enhanced Capacity

Deal with larger volumes of business.

affordable office technology

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs in the medium and long term.

Improved Accuracy

Chances of errors are greatly reduced.

Integrated CRM 

The best CRM software is the one that staff are most likely to utilise. The more staff are willing to input data, the better the platform performs essential functions and yields effective data-driven returns. 

Ideally, this would enable a company’s sales team to engage customers more closely and therefore for you to generate more sales! 

integrated office technology

CRM integrations are the collaborations between the CRM Package and an external software provider. Third-party integrations require the use of developer APIs or a web service like Zapier.

Certain functions are essential in CRM software, and therefore, there are certain kinds of integrations your CRM should have: 

Email functionality is a necessary CRM integration that most solutions include built into their platforms. Some CRMs integrate more closely with certain email providers and will reduce the boundary almost completely by integrating the webmail services into their platforms.

CRMs often allow appointment scheduling, task management and event management, all of which benefit from an integrated calendar. Forcing a choice between employees’ preferred calendar app and the CRM frustrates users, so many CRMs integrate popular workplace calendars, like Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

A mobile sales force require a mobile solution. Many employees will use their phones to update account information and all relevant information pertinent to the customer. Some CRM mobile apps will just replicate the functionality of the desktop package which may not be ideal on a mobile device – other packages have designed specific mobile apps which should ensure greater staff adoption.

Companies that spend time calling customers – typically sales calls – will find phone integration highly useful. Some CRMs will allow one-click calls using VoIP from within the platform. A call button is available wherever contact info is listed within the CRM, removing the need to switch between applications or dial numbers. 

Office Technology and Marketing Integrations

The Marketing integrations are ever-improving and the quality information they provide can help make the difference in growing your business.  Some of the integration that can help your business:

  • Advertising
  • Account-based marketing
  • Sales & lead generation
  • E-commerce
  • E-mailAnalytics
  • Content management
  • Social media
  • Customer success
  • Events and webinars
  • Video & Conference calling

CRM and Marketing Apps

A CRM system, like Salesforce, Pipedrive or HubSpot, should be at the heart of your marketing ops because it is the central repository for managing all the information you need – sales, marketing, billing and support – on a single customer.

Social Media Integrations

Not only can social media integrations automate your social channels by automatically posting to your social channels, but they can also provide insight into your followers and the contact they like and share.


Whether it’s reporting from your marketing automation, getting email marketing campaign data, paid advertising data, revenue reporting, social media or advertising efforts – Combining data with office technology allows you to see further.

The integration of email marketing databases with CRM systems to ensure that contacts are always up-to-date or generating reports from email marketing campaigns or paid advertising data and more complex integrations, workflows that can help to improve revenue, speed up approval processes, or manage social media activities automatically.

Accounts and Finance 

AP Solutions and capture technology enable financial institutions to replace traditional paper with digital documents that are easy to search, access, manage and process.

In this way, it is possible to address the need of attracting new business and customers, more effectively serving existing clients, reducing costs, increasing profit, preventing fraud and meeting regulatory compliance issues. 

Many processes require secure communication and careful processing. Some of the processes that can be automated with accounts integrations include: 

Purchase Orders/Requests 

Vendor and Contract Approvals

AP Automation – invoice, bank statement reconciliation and more

Document Management Integrated Office Technology

Document Management Systems can eliminate the scramble that occurs and the time that is wasted when you need information from a paper document that is proving hard to find. 

Our powerful, flexible, and scalable system means that all your hard copy records can easily be digitised, indexed, and searched electronically for the exact data you require. 

This brings enormous productivity and efficiency benefits, particularly to workplaces that typically house large volumes of paper records, such as legal and medical practices. 

In short, things become quicker and easier to find – making your workflow processes better for all. 

Ticketing Integrations

Integrating office technology like help desk software with other software used throughout your organization is essential to getting the most out of your purchase. Not only can integrations save time, but they also make sure support staff have access to relevant information that enables them to provide better service. 

Communications Integration

If you are setting up help desk and ticketing software to provide customer support for your product, consider integrations with email marketing and social media. These channels can help with filling out contact profiles, reducing duplicate data entry, creating a more complete view of customer interactions with your company, and allowing customers to reach out through their preferred channels.

CRM Integration

This can help businesses implement and maintain customer-centric strategies that optimize profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction. CRM software also contains large amounts of customer data that can inform your help desk team as they field user issues and complaints. Integrating ticketing software with your CRM ensures support team members are aware of past interactions between your company and your customers. 

Bug Tracking Integration

For companies that operate in the tech space, it is essential to have an integration between office technology like help desk software and any platform used to track bugs. This can help with prioritizing bug fixes depending on the extent of user impact, identifying problems more quickly, and keeping support staff current on the status of known issues. 

SmartOffice Services Available

SmartOffice is the automation solutions provider part of the Cantec Group. SmartOffice, offer other automation services such as Accounts Payable SolutionsDocument SecurityDocument Management Systems, E-commerce Website Solutions,TeamWork PartnersMarketing AutomationSecure EmailAutomated Management SystemDigital Archiving System and Document scanning & retrieval software.

SmartOffice Technology

SmartOffice Technology caters for the growing requirements of document automation and workflow solutions within the modern office. Effective automation software has become critical to thriving in business. 

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