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Highly secure email and easy to use file exchange platform. 

In today’s business environment secure email and data security have become a top priority. Surveys showed that a Corporation has a significant likelihood of experiencing a major data breach. 

The consequences of a security breach for an organisations finances on reputation can be serious and can ultimately lead to an expensive lack of trust in its brand. 

While we’re all aware of the dangers posed by criminal and malicious attacks, careless management and employee practices are the cause of most security breaches. A secure, fast and easy file exchange solution is an essential tool to help avoid this risk. 

What is SmartOffice Secure Email?

SmartOffice Secure Email is a powerful solution to today’s document security needs state of the art file exchange platform that is both highly secure and simple to use. 

It allows the safe exchange and ephemeral storage of sensitive files in a virtual safe box any fires exchanged are encrypted in transit and at rest files are automatically purged based on retention policy that is customized when the safe boxes created and provides an audit trail of all communications. 

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  • Encryption in transit and at rest 
  • 2 Factor authentication for recipients  
  • Ephemeral storage  
  • Complete audit trail  
  • Automatic virus file scanning 
  • Enables compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, FERPA, and more  
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Cloud Services 
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Ease of Use

  • As easy to use as email
  • Recipients do not need an account. 
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration 
  • business process integration with MFP connectors and APIs 
  • Mobile applications (Phone and Tablet) 
  • Web Application 
  • Guests can securely send files to your account.


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Secure Storage

  • Control security practices
  • Administrators can control mandatory security practises for groups of employees.  
  • Users can be invited to participate in existing SafeBoxes.  
  • Staff can be given shared administrative control of SafeBoxes. 
  • Supports group email accounts, (I E ‘Billing’)  
  • Available on-premises or as a cloud service. 

Highly Secure Email Solution


Once the sender has created the safe box the recipient receives an email with a download link. To access the files they must import a secondary one-time code, which is received via either an SMS, voice call, are an email. The sender can designate which alternate authentication delivery method is used for gracious security. 

Strong Encryption  

SmartOffice SecureComm uses encryption methods recommended by banking and security experts. While communications are encrypted using TLS 1.2 open brackets with forward secrecy close brackets. At rest, all files are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.  

Built-In Antivirus  

SmartOffice SecureComm allows you to easily enforce strict retention policies by configuring safe boxes to automatically delete all their files and content after a transfer or after a set amount of time. Security breaches cannot happen if there is no information to breach.

Secure Links

SmartOffice SecureComm’s secure link functionality allows anyone to securely send you files without having to register our download software it is perfect for use in the healthcare sector for patients or other facilities providing it private information, in the legal and finance sectors for receiving contracts and sensitive banking files, or for any other high security exchange. 

Secure Email Features

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Outlook Integration

Seamless integration with Outlook lets you send small or large files of all types without having to open another application. Harnessing your existing software and Outlook Contacts list ensures you do not have to modify existing processes while securing your exchanges. 

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Perfect for customer facing teams

Accounts can be set up under non personal team email addresses (i.e. “Helpdesk”) with multiple agents being able to access and administrate sensitive documents submitted to or sent from the account. This allows teams to work with incoming and outgoing documents without publicising or requiring outsiders to know individual members email addresses.

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Detail Audit Report

SmartOffice SecureComm retains digitally signed transmission records of any and all access to a SafeBox. It automatically sends email notifications to the sender confirming all actions performed by the recipient during different steps of the process. Downloads are tracked to the last byte. A Transmission Detail Audit Report is created following the closing of the SafeBox which can be printed, downloaded or emailed as a PDF. 

A true mobile-friendly Solution

Authorised users can exchange files of any type securely from any business or personal device open brackets including smart phones and tablets close brackets whether at the office or on the road.  

No File Type Limitations

The solution allows the exchange of any type of file (text, image, audio, video, Etc.), a file size of up to five terabytes per message, and sending an unlimited number of messages per month.

Business Tools Integration

SmartOffice SecureComm can be easily integrated with your business processes, either through our MFP connectors or APIs. 

Why Adopt SmartOffice Secure Email? 

SmartOffice secure email helps minimise the risk of sensitive internal information being stolen, lost, are purposeful purposely leaked. The damage these events can do to an organisations brand is impossible to value and can have a negative impact for years to come. Not only is it extremely secure, but its ease of use means staff members don’t have insensitive incentive to circumvent otherwise cumbersome security guidelines. Our secure email service can be integrated with our Document Management System and our Digital Archiving System to prevent costly data breaches.

Regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, Fe RPA, eso X, ET cetera. Require companies to keep private information safe. Smart office secure com enables adherence to the strictest compliance standards . The XMedius cloud platform is also certified ISO/ IEC 27001: 2013, providing independent assurance that our employees can affectively run a comprehensive security programme and manage information security risks.

SmartOffice SecureComm email notifications sent to SafeBox participants can be customized to fit your organisation’s unique identity. System administrators can use the secure web-based interface to manage users, security profiles more. Languages supported for customer interactions (emails, user interface, PDF reports) include English, French, and German.


Whether your organisation needs direct control of all hardware and information storage or want to use a secure cloud service with geographical presence across the world, there is a SmartOffice SecureComm for you.

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Who should use SmartOffice Secure Email? 


Medical Records  

Files (MRI, CT Scans, Etc.)  


Insurance Companies  


Clinical Research  








Title Companies  




Law Firms  

Business Partners  

Executive Teams 

Coverage Quotes  

Medical Reports  

Insurance Claim Information  

Financial Statements 



Medical Staff

Sensitive Messages  

Evidence (Documents, Video, Photos, Etc.)

Law Enforcement  

Law Firms  

Other Attorneys  

Court Officials  



Social Security and Other ID Numbers  

Tax Report Information  

Medical Information  

Contract Bids  



Other Government Bodies  


Law Enforcement  



SmartOffice Services

SmartOffice is the automation solutions side of the Cantec Group. Other automation solutions are offered by SmartOffice such as Accounts Payable SolutionsDocument SecurityE-Commerce Website SolutionsTeamWork PartnersIntegrated Office TechnologyMarketing AutomationDocument Management SystemAutomated Management SystemDigital Archiving System and Document scanning & retrieval software.

SmartOffice Technology

SmartOffice Technology caters for the growing requirements of document automation and workflow solutions within the modern office. Effective automation software has become critical to thriving in business. 

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