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Reduce the cost of processing invoices by up to 80% with SmartOffice Accounts Payable Solutions.

SmartOffice Accounts Payable Solutions is a smart, powerful cloud-based Electronic Accounts Payable Solution that reduces the cost of processing invoices by up to 80%. Processing becomes a completely touchless experience, supporting remote working, approvals, and full visibility.

    How it works?

    Your suppliers email their invoices to your SmartOffice AP email account.

    SmartOffice AP takes over. The system simply extracts the invoices and then codes, processes, distributes and stores it. SmartOffice AP then updates your accounts, reconciles them with your statements and automatically searches for any missing invoices, while never losing any of your documents.

    ✔️ No more lost invoices, accounting errors, accounts put on hold, lost VAT reclaims and unnecessary over payments.

    ✔️ Easy control of issues with a system that watches for price increases.

    ✔️ Flexible access to your suppliers’ invoices from anywhere.

    ✔️ Reduce processing costs significantly.

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