SmartOffice AP AUGUST ’22 New Features and Improvements



Calling all SmartOffice Accounts Payable customers! In addition to a full suite of standard reports, you can now design and create your own bespoke reports. Get all the data you want and need in just a few clicks.

Select from 34 different fields, customize the column header, and create reports that are dynamic, practical, and relevant. This powerful, custom report building feature ensures that you and your team can generate more accurate business intelligence. Create flexible reports with fewer, greater or customized columns to deliver exactly what you need. Welcome to enhanced knowledge for improved decision making.


So, we are always updating our software. Sometimes it’s little bug fixes that you need never concern yourself with and other times, we’ll have found a new or improved ways of presenting the information. Either way, we’ll keep you posted on all our big and not so big fixes.


We have updated the Approver Status Report and made some improvements. Now called the Task Status Report, and located in the reports tile on the dashboard, we have three levels to the awaiting action screen.

  • ‘Invoice & Credit Note’  –  For invoices awaiting approval
  • ‘Purchase Order’– For POs awaiting approval
  • ‘Review Documents’  – For invoices awaiting review

Take a look at the attached video to see exactly how to find these reports.


We have also added the option to transfer one document at a time from one user to another. You will see the change where we added tabs, widened the box on the screen and included a new image of two crossed arrows to depict the transfer option.

Why use this feature? If you are unsure whether to approve a document based on price and quantity  or if you need the input from a colleague, simply transfer the document to transfer the approval request.

Follow the process on screen and if you need any further information or assistance, just let us know.


This is a small but mighty change to the document import process. Previously when a document was uploaded to the system, if it was over 5 pages in length, it was sent to alerts. This was in case the document comprised several different invoices. It gave the customer the opportunity to review, process or split the document into different pages. The limit of 5 pages can now be changed by the individual company at a global and supplier level.

Ideal for situations where invoices are lengthy and run over several pages. Make the most of this addition by updating your account. At global level, update the Company settings in your Document Settings. For Supplier level changes, update under the Supplier rules.

Automated invoice processing… but the control stays with you!

With SmartOffice Accounts Payable, you decide how every invoice is approved before it is uploaded to your accounts package. From a simple one step approval to a complex multi approval process, our automated workflow keeps you in control.