SmartOffice Nexus

Document Management and Workflow Automation

Digital Document Management & Workflow Automation

SmartOffice Nexus is a cloud-based document management platform for secure document retention, intelligent data capture and business process automation.

Improve the way you access and manage documents, simplify your workflows and empower your employees. SmartOffice Nexus is designed to support organisations of all sizes on their digital transformation journey.

Intelligent data capture and business process automation with SmartOffice Nexus

Improve the way you access and manage documents, simplify your workflows and empower your employees with SmartOffice Nexus.

Why Choose SmartOffice Nexus?

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A simple and quick indexing system that is easy to implement and learn. Intuitive and uncomplicated, SmartOffice Nexus uses smart capture to extract data from documents. Independent and cloud based, there is no need for third party OCR products and Nexus is accessible via any internet connected device. 


Use Nexus fast-find or advanced search options to quickly locate the documents you need. Nexus searches both index criteria and document content to accelerate the search and retrieval process, saving time and resource that can be used more productively and profitably.

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Advance pattern recognition captures key data which is automatically processed. Information flows smarter and faster, saving time on repetitive tasks. Workflows run automatically and provide alerts, feedback and approvals where needed. Store, Access and Share files when working remotely or in the office.

SmartOffice Nexus | Core Features


SmartOffice Nexus is not bound to any device or location. Any modern browser will allow full access to the system anywhere, anytime. We fully manage and support the back-end so you can focus on how Nexus can help you grow your business.

Cost Effective  

Save time, money and space! Locating and processing documents quicker reduces administration time. Cloud Storage eliminates the need for copious filing space and increases flexibility for remote and mobile working.


Every business needs to comply with regulations around data storage and management. With increasing concerns about security and GDPR, SmartOffice Nexus can help you comply with legislation.

User Friendly

Our straightforward and intuitive user interface is easy to integrate within your existing and new business processes. The transition is simple and user friendly, delivering the solutions you want and need.

SmartOffice Nexus | Additional Features

Digital Filing Cabinets

With Nexus, you can digitally manage, store and secure your important work documents making them easy to find and retrieve. At the same time, you can add automated retention policies to specific documents for enhanced compliance.

Integrated Back- Scanning

Got a ton of paper documents in filing cabinets or storage boxes? No problem. Nexus offers a variety of integrated back-scanning solutions to get those documents digitised, indexed and imported directly. We can scan your entire paper backlog.

Document Version Control

Ensure you are using the current or latest version of your documents at all times. With Nexus, you can view different versions side by side, upload new and restore previous versions while keeping an audit trail throughout the documents life cycle – perfect for supporting the delivery of ISO standards


With Nexus, you can email a link/url to important documents with time limits, encrypted security and additional passwords protection. this is perfect for sharing documents to people outside of the Nexus eco system.

Intelligent Backup Service

Feel assured that all your data is backed-up and protected at all times. At Nexus, we take the security and integrity of your data seriously.

Professional Services

Whether you need help designing and implementing a new digital transformation strategy, or just want to focus on improving a specific business process or difficulty, we have the knowledge and experience across a wide range of industries to help..

The Benefits of SmartOffice Nexus

With SmartOffice Nexus, you can reliably extract data from documents, even when the layout is highly variable. Standard fields are available instantly, with full customisation available when needed.

Extraction is based on the data required and its context, rather than location, so is independent of layout and can be applied to unstructured content like correspondence and legal documents.

All delivered in the cloud, no need for additional 3rd party OCR capture products – this feature in built into Nexus.

Nexus’ workflow capability can be set for a variety of tasks, ranging from merely notifying you when a new document meeting a predefined criteria is added to the system to automating invoice approval and validation.

When a software platform can provide feedback, activate procedures, and allow logic-based events to automatically transport documents to where they need to be, it becomes a true asset to your company.

Workflows are a simple method to automate processes so you can work smarter and quicker while also freeing up time for other things by allowing Nexus to handle it for you.

Nexus’ workflow functionality can be configured for a range of tasks from simply notifying you when a new document matching a predefined criteria is added onto the system or moving a file to a specific folder based on the data contained in its index information, right up to complex processes of multilevel authorisation and validation of invoices.

One of the major benefits of SmartOffice Nexus is its ability to find a specific document, or set of documents, within seconds, without trawling through filing cabinets or shared drives.

Our ‘content-aware’ search feature is often the most compelling reason why businesses implement a document management system, like Nexus, saving your teams many hours per week that can be used more productively.

Why is fast document retrieval so important?
It is estimated that between 50% and 80% of the information companies rely on to run their business, exists within the documents they handle. Staff constantly refer to documents to answer enquiries from customers, suppliers and colleagues in order to support your business.

Searching for information in paper documentation can be massively time consuming as files are frequently not where they should be, or where you think they are. Research firm Gartner Group estimate that locating information like this wastes around 216 hours a year, per employee!

Reducing document retrieval times to seconds will save each employee around one hour per day and this saved time can be used more productively.

Nexus provides an intuitive search feature that will make you much more efficient and save you hours every week searching and retrieving your business documents.

Keeping track of those all important documents can be a difficult task when you have a large number of people accessing a large number of documents.

Nexus keeps a complete audit trail of every interaction a user has with a document. Keeping a detailed history of each and every time a user views a document, the document is moved into another folder, the indexing information is modified or a document is emailed or exported from the system.

Who Should use SmartOffice Nexus? 


Medical Records  

Files (MRI, CT Scans, Etc.)  


Insurance Companies  


Clinical Research  








Title Companies  




Law Firms  

Business Partners  

Executive Teams 

Coverage Quotes  

Medical Reports  

Insurance Claim Information  

Financial Statements 



Medical Staff

Sensitive Messages  

Evidence (Documents, Video, Photos, Etc.)

Law Enforcement  

Law Firms  

Other Attorneys  

Court Officials  



PPS and Other ID Numbers  

Tax Report Information  

Medical Information  

Contract Bids  



Other Government Bodies  

Citizens Information  

Law Enforcement