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SmartOffice Presents PO Pro

Part of the SmartOffice Platform, PO Pro is the intuitive, dynamic, and powerful solution for easy purchase order processing. Available as a stand-alone product or fully integrated with SmartOffice Accounts Payable, SmartOffice PO Pro is an agile module that automates and simplifies the entire purchasing process.

Regardless of where you are on your digital transformation journey, we have the purchase ordering solution to meet your needs. If starting from a paper-based system, we can open the digital gateway with a simple, bespoke, end to end purchase order process that is easy to install and implement. If your digital transformation is more advanced, let us help you to make the most of smart, agile automation products to save you time and money.

For Smart Purchasing, Think SmartOffice PO Pro

One single platform that offers easy and effective purchase ordering, PO Pro is the latest module in the suite of SmartOffice products. Consolidate your Purchase Order process from requisition to approval, from ordering to three-way matching, and from payments to intuitive reporting. SmartOffice PO Pro offers a secure, cloud-based platform that automates and simplifies the entire process from end to end.

Requisition & Approval | Order & Match | Payment & Reporting

Manage your purchase order process from requisition through approval, order receipt and invoicing. Complete end to end processing in three easy stages. Integrate seamlessly with a wide array of leading ERP providers such as Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and much more. For the full list of software packages, see our FAQ section below.

PO Pro in 3 Quick Steps

Requisition & Approval

SmartOffice PO Pro incorporates a simple and effective purchase requisition feature. User friendly and convenient, PO Pro enables all users to requisition goods and services.

Create the order requisition and attach backup quotations or product details. Make the approval stage faster and easier with the inclusion of all relevant documentation.

Order & Match

Place the order quickly and easily. Purchase Requisitions flows seamlessly into Purchase ordering. SmartOffice PO Pro auto populates products and items from the purchase requisitions and from previous supplier invoices. You can even upload, and data capture your supplier product and price list to ensure that all details are current and become part of your product catalogue.

Three-way matching ensures that Purchase Orders are matched to GRNs and Invoices. This No Touch system ensures that orders are auto matched for single or split deliveries.

Payment & Reporting

SmartOffice PO Pro integrates seamlessly with the SmartOffice Accounts Payable module on our intuitive cloud-based platform. Truly end to end, SmartOffice AP eliminates the need for manual data entry with digital invoice capture.

Automated PO Approvals lead to increased invoice approvals resulting in speedier payments and fewer supplier queries. Improve your supplier payment process and enhance your corporate reputation all while giving your team time to spend on more productive, valuable work.

Key Features of SmartOffice PO Pro

Support Documentation

Include your back up documentation with the Purchase Order Requisition. Support your request with relevant quotations, product specifications,  preferred supplier details and comparison information. Make life easier for the decision maker and ensure that you get what is required.

Improved Project Management

Attach your terms & conditions document to outbound quotes. Ensure that product specifications, technical drawings or technical documents accompany all purchase requisitions for better Project Management.


Budget Friendly

Allocate the nominal ledger, vat code, cost centre and department code to ensure that the costs are managed and correctly assigned. The budget holder can be notified to approve the spend which results in greater control over costs and enhanced financial management. Full visibility on spend monthly, year to date and against annual budget for enhanced business intelligence.

Multi-Stage Approval

PO Pro is flexible and agile to accommodate multi stage approvals throughout the process. Requisitions can be configured to go the correct approver without intervention. Accountability and clarity for financial transactions without the delays.

Bespoke but Not Set In Stone

The process can be set up according to the Customers’ requirements but is flexible and agile to accommodate changes as needed. Manage maternity or annual leave, retirements or illness and even remote working with ease – change, amend or default the approver at local level.


Robust Reporting

Useful, dynamic and detailed reports keep track of spend by nominal code, cost centre, project code, department or location. Understand where costs are generated and manage accordingly with custom designed and powerful reports.

Other Features

Other Features:

  • Data Capture without Manual Entry
  • Supplier Descriptions and Product Codes for ease of reference
  • Template Orders for frequently purchased items
  • Multi-branch Ordering
  • Tracking of spend per contract
  • Options to include or exclude VAT
  • Customizable Order Numbers
  • Audit trail of outgoing email communication
  • Variety of Order Types supported – Standard, Expense, Capital Expenditure, Project
  • Easy integration of new suppliers, products and services

PO Pro Frequently Asked Questions

There is a long list of ERP Systems with which PO Pro can seamlessly integrate and this list is constantly being upgraded. As our developers work with various customers to implement our products, we come across systems and software that can then be added to the list. If your software is not already listed, just ask our team to check it out.  

Big Red Books 
Big Red Cloud 
Intact IQ
Intact Vline
Intact Xline
QuickBooks Desktop 
Retail Solution
Sage 200 
Sage 50 
Sage 50 (NO VAT) 
Surf Accounts 
TASBooks (NO VAT) 

Yes! If POs are raised on a third party system, they can be pulled in overnight as the invoices are coming through. Information can be grabbed at a predefined time (every number of hours/days as specified by individual customers).

Yes, SmartOffice PO Pro can capture all AP data and export a file for your accountant in excel format.

A custom-built integration by SmartOffice can tie all systems together to ensure correct information flow. We are one of the few solutions that can deal with multiple systems and data types.

The SmartOffice suite of products is securely held on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Yes, SmartOffice PO Pro can manage all Purchase Order Approvals automatically or with intervention as required.  PO Pro is flexible and agile to accommodate multistage approvals throughout the process. Requisitions can be configured to go the correct approver without intervention.

SmartOffice PO Pro can deal with as many approval layers as required. This can be set by person, department, value limits or any other custom metric required.

Yes, SmartOffice PO Pro is cloud-based, so wherever you have internet access, you can securely access your SmartOffice platform. Work remotely, on the move or from your office with ease.

Approvers will get notification and follow up prompts via email on all outstanding tasks.

Yes, customizable access levels means that you can determine what an employee can see and access.

SmartOffice Automation

SmartOffice caters for the growing requirements of document automation and workflow solutions within the modern office. Effective automation software has become critical to thriving in business. 

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