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A powerful suite of collaborative tools with easy setup and multiple integrations available.  

We are a Teamwork Partner – Project Management Software

We are proud to be a Teamwork Partner providing easy-to-use project management software that you won’t outgrow. It is extremely useful for you and your work team.

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Manage your team’s priorities, track your progress, and hit your deadlines — all from one central place. As a Teamwork Partner, we understand the importance of project management.

Using a project management tool, you can see exactly what needs to get done and when. Get quick status updates on tasks and milestones, see who’s working on what, and spot potential blockers before they become problems. As a teamwork partner, we can provide this type of software to your business.

Help your project managers to collaborate cross-functionally. With a project management tool, you can integrate the whole office, maintain accountability, keep work moving across teams, and bring clients into the loop as and when you need to.

Save time and cut out tedious admin by using Teamwork’s automation features to simplify project planning and setup, and use custom project templates to ensure your team follows best practices every time. Reducing manual work helps your project managers hit the ground running with every project. 

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Simple to use, powerful when you need it.

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Manage multiple complex projects with ease 

Scales into a full platform

Teamwork Desk

As a teamwork partner, we offer a ticketing system designed to easily manage customer queries, saving you time and money

No more Information Silos

As a teamwork partner, we can help you collect every customer interaction in one place, so you can answer their queries with context and provide more productive personal responses.

Centralised Communications

Make communication more collaborative and ensure nothing goes unanswered by managing conversations from one central place.

Full Visibility

Empower your team to see exactly who’s responsible for what, for faster resolutions with no crossed wires.

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Teamwork Spaces

As a teamwork partner we offer a centralized workspace for your team to create, edit, collaborate and share content across teams and with clients.

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Grow your bottom line 

Our Teamwork partner software enables you to create and collaborate on your documents with our powerful editor. Easily include dynamic content like images, embedded videos, tables, and diagrams to build professional resources that you are proud to share with your clients.

Find your documents – fast 

Make finding the right information intuitive. Easily organize your content within Teamwork Spaces with our categories, tags and filtering functionality.

Never miss an important update

Notify your colleagues of important updates with our required reading feature and email & in-app notifications. Then easily track and report on who has read and understood the information. 

Teamwork Chat

As a teamwork partner, we help turn talk into action with the Teamwork Chat

Keep team communication open 

Build communication into your workflow across your organization, no matter what team or department you’re working with, so you can get quick answers to your queries. 

Make decisions faster 

With one central place for you to share ideas and look for feedback from your team, you can reach a consensus and make better decisions faster. 

Stay in your workflow 

Reduce meetings without compromising on productivity and get the answers you need without breaking your stride. 

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Teamwork CRM

Our Teamwork partner CRM lets you easily manage your leads and opportunities, win the deal, and execute the perfect sales handover.

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Improve your sales processes

No more trying to keep track of your sales across multiple spreadsheets and emails. With Teamwork CRM, you have full visibility over your sales process — with a seamless sales handover via project creation in Teamwork

Visualize your sales pipeline

With one place to track sales activities from the first touch to winning the deal, your team will know exactly where to focus their time and see how each deal is progressing at every stage of the sales cycle. 

Grow your bottom line 

With your marketing separated into leads and opportunities, you can create a results-focused pipeline that enables you to easily identify your high-value deals, helping you to conduct more accurate forecasting for projected revenue. With increased visibility comes increased revenue. 

We are more than just a Teamwork Partner

SmartOffice is the automation solutions side of the Cantec Group. Other automation solutions are offered by SmartOffice such as Accounts Payable SolutionsDocument SecurityE-Commerce Website Solutions, Document Management System, Integrated Office TechnologyMarketing AutomationSecure EmailAutomated Management SystemDigital Archiving System and Document scanning & retrieval software.

SmartOffice Technology

SmartOffice Technology caters for the growing requirements of document automation and workflow solutions within the modern office. Effective automation software has become critical to thriving in business. 

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