Reduce Supplier Invoice Processing Costs by 80%

SmartOffice Accounts Payable Software is a smart, powerful cloud-based invoice processing automation solution that reduces the cost of processing invoices by up to 80%.

Automate & Simplify the Entire Purchasing Process

PO Pro is the intuitive, dynamic, and powerful solution for easy purchase order processing.

Digital Document Management & Workflow Automation

SmartOffice Nexus is a cloud-based document management platform made for secure document retention, intelligent data capture and business process automation.

About SmartOffice

Intelligent process automation is revolutionising the way we work. SMEs across the UK and Ireland are digitalising laborious, manual processes to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and provide greater visibility of end-to-end workflows.

As a rapidly growing SME ourselves, we understand the value of agility and scalability. Robust, automated processes help organisation stay competitive in crowded, and often challenging marketplaces.

Founded in 2019, our mission is to free people from the shackles of manual processing and allow them to shine! We do this through the creation of intuitive, best in class automation software.

We’re on a journey

The SmartOffice ecosystem is evolving all the time, as we enhance our product and service portfolio to meet the changing needs of customers.


the launch of SmartOffice Accounts Payable Software, our flagship invoice processing solution


introducing SmartOffice Nexus, our cloud-based document management platform


we add PO Pro, end-to-end purchase order management, to the SmartOffice portfolio


say hello to SmartOffice Ratio, the one-stop cloud-based accounting solution for SMEs

SmartOffice solutions are already enjoyed by over 5,000 users and have over 50 integrations with market leading financial and ERP solutions.

SmartOffice Automation Solutions

What our clients have to say


Stacks Pharmacy

“Smart Office enables Stacks Pharmacy Group to better serve our suppliers, and through them, our end-customers who rely on our suppliers’ crucial products.” 


O’Reilly & Co Accountants

“SmartOffice introduced us to the power of automation in our Customer Accounts Payable department and since then I have seen what would have taken me four hours reduce to only half an hour!” 


Grange Construction & Roofing

“The beauty of dealing with a company like SmartOffice (Cantec Group) is that  systems can be tailored and scaled to focus on our size of industry.” 

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SmartOffice Automation caters for the growing requirements of document automation and workflow solutions within the modern office. Effective automation software has become critical to thriving in business. 

We have the tools to deliver both cost reduction and improved security. We deliver automation software for generic and bespoke office tasks. We help find the solution that fits your business.