SmartOffice can help educational institutions to make the most of limited resources – by providing affordable, efficient and accurate document processing. SmartOffice can significantly improve productivity and lower the costs of managing the paper produced by students, and staff. SmartOffice helps streamline processes in lower and higher education.


SmartOffice solutions

  • Conversion of scanned paper, images, PDFs to editable documents

    Any paper- or image-original documents can quickly and accurately be converted to editable formats.

  • Translation of texts and language learning

    SmartOffice Language products help in understanding and learning foreign languages.

  • High-volume searchable archives creation

    SmartOffice offers a powerful server-based solution for centralized conversion of high volumes of paper or image original documents into searchable archives and repositories.

  • High-volume document, form and invoice processing

    SmartOffice automates and accelerates the processing of high volumes of various documents types – classifying them, extracting indexes and exporting them as searchable files into business applications or archives.

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  • Eliminates labor-intensive manual data entry.
  • Improves and accelerates educational processes.
  • Reduces costs.