New Features of our SmartOffice AP System

SmartOffice AP System is a smart, cloud-based accounts payable solution that reduces the cost of processing invoices by up to a whopping 80%.

This customer centric automated process saves time and effort, giving you greater flexibility and control over supplier invoices and statements.

We’ve made changes to further improve the user experience that will benefit all customers.

We’ve made changes to further improve the user experience that will benefit all customers.

  1. Better Navigation – Reduce the clicks:
    Instead of going via the dashboard when moving from one step to another, you can now go directly via hotkeys.
    Fewer clicks means less time spent per entry.

  2. Improvement on the search function:
    As part of an ongoing project, we strive to make each step snappier and easier to navigate. Search results are now almost instantaneous!

  3. Fast Search:
    Recent documents are listed so you can quickly scan them. You don’t need to go through the documents individually to find the one you need.

  4. New & improved Alerts Function:
    For added security, we have two types of alert function: Warning – lets you know that something has been flagged, but allows you to save and continue. Error – won’t let you process the invoice until the error is resolved. Both alerts provide additional reassurance so invoices that don’t meet predetermined criteria will not slip through.

SmartOffice Accounts Payable System: This powerful solution was designed by an individual who is an accountant first and a developer second. He really understands the process, why workflows are run in the way they are and the type of information that is necessary to make the best decisions.

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